Weekly production workshops

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"Love" is our main ingridient.

Every product is made in-house

Caramels, Jelly Candies, Marmellade

It's not just sweets - it's love for life

Every product is made in-house

Lollipops, Marshmallows & assorted Zephyr

It's not just sweets - it's love for life

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So what are the secret ingridients?

The foundation is based on selfless love for your work, team and life in general! In each of our caramels, one of the secret ingredient is … love!

Our creative approach to the production of caramels enables us to grow steadily and create new, unique works of art. We are proud of our caramels and we are confident that we will be able to provide you with many more delicious surprises.

Naturalness – Our company develops caramels using only natural and high quality dyes. We scrupulously evaluate what and how to add to the caramel composition.

Our product is handmade caramels, which are created using natural juices and flavors. Vegetables, fruits, berries, and plants have been used to produce beautiful, passionate colors and a specially fresh taste. 

Our selection includes caramels with ginger, honey and pinenuts syrup and hemp seeds. Uniqueness lies in the fact that all the caramels have different pictures.

We offer a wide selection of different and special caramels, marshmallow, marmelade, halva, chocolate.

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So what should i expect?

Come and taste something you have never tried before!

Our masters will show you the whole process of caramel creation. We will show our secret way of creating tasty and beautiful caramels. This is absolutely thrilling!

Workshop offers everyone an opportunity to create his own lollipop with the guidance of our masters. We are waiting everyone of you at ou Workshop, small or big, does not matter! You can choose your prefered time and date. Come alone or with friends and family!

Caramel Shows are being held from Tuesday to Sunday 10:00-16:00

Caramel shows and Degustations are being held each hour and cost 5 eur/personIn the

Creative Workshop everyone is given an opportunity to make a special lollipop.

Price 5 eur/person

We are offering service in English, Russian, Estonian and Latvian languages.

Program duration is 1 hour.

We are offering an opportunity to order Caramel Show in your preferred location.

Special programs for Weddings, Bachelorette parties, School Excursions(Individually agreed).

Assorted Caramel

by Karamelli Töökoda


Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, water, acidity regulator(citric acid), flavors, natural coloring(red & pink- black carrot extract, green-spirulina extract, orange & yellow- beta carotene extract, black- vegetable carbon, white+ no color added)

Store in a cold and dry place, in a closed container.

Natural flavorings.

Nutritional Info per 100g1546kj/ 364kcal, fat 0,2g; including saturated fatty acids <0,1g, carbohydrates 90,5g, including sugar 69,1g; proteins 0,1g; salt 0,420g.


This is what our customers say!

I was delighted to see how the sweets are made even more delighted to see my children entertained. 

by Anita M Nyyssönen

Take your kids here, they will love it, and the sweets are 100% organic!

by Jani V Rahkamo


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