Shipping and Delivery


Shipping cost depends on the size of the package.

Shipping cost is added to the invoice.


 Delivery is free of charge on orders bigger than 35 euros.

Orders can be returned within 10 days after receipt, by informing the seller via e-mail address. Returned goods must be intact. Returned goods must be in the original packaging and with the original label. Return of goods occurs are returned at the seller’s expense. To return the goods use the return code.


2. Terms of sale

- Terms of sale are valid between the buyer of and the legal entity Karamelli Töökoda OÜ when purchasing goods and services.

- In addition to these terms and conditions, legal relations arising from the purchase of goods at are regulated by the Law of Obligations of Obligations Act (VÕS), the Consumer Protection Act (TKS) and other legal acts.

- The online store reserves the right to change the terms of sale. These changes are displayed on the website

3. Price policy

- Prices are valid from the moment of placing the order until the end of the payment period for the ordered goods (1 day from the moment of the invoice).

- reserves the right to change the prices of goods. These changes are displayed on the web

4. Checkout order

- Add selected items to cart.

- To place an order, first of all, click on the "Checkout" link in the basket.

- Fill in the required fields on the order page and select the appropriate delivery method for you. After that, the screen will display an invoice that needs to be paid. After order confirmation, data with all applicable national taxes and additional fees will be reflected in the invoice on the screen.

- Fill in the fields on the order page carefully, because the accuracy of the information provided will determine how quickly and smoothly the goods purchased by you will be delivered, and a possible dispute or claim resolved.

- Orders are processed on working days from 10: 00–18: 00. If the order was made on Friday after 5 pm, it will be issued on the following Monday. Processing time depends on sales and current holidays.

5. Contract commencement

- The sale contract takes effect from the moment the payment is received in the online store's bank account.

- Unpaid orders are canceled upon expiration of 24 hours from the time of placing the order.

6. Delivery

- After the entry into force of the contract, completes the order and transfers it for delivery to its logistics partner.

- Delivery times indicated on the website are valid from the moment the paid amount is received in the bank account of Karamelli Töökoda OÜ.

- For unimpeded delivery, provide valid data.

- is not responsible for the delay of the delivery of goods if the goods are handed over to the logistics partner in a timely manner, and the delay in delivery is due to circumstances that could not affect and could not foresee.

7. Returns

- After receiving the order, the buyer has the right to withdraw from the concluded contract without giving reasons within 10 days.

- To return the goods, you must submit a statement of refusal of purchased goods in free form and send it to no later than 10 days from the receipt of the goods.

- The buyer must return the goods within the next 10 days from the date of submission of the application or submit a receipt that he delivered the goods to the logistics company during the specified period.

-, returns the buyer the payment received from him on the basis of the contract upon receipt of an application for a refund no later than 10 days, including delivery costs, unless the Consumer explicitly chose a different delivery method than the one proposed by the entrepreneur, the cheapest way. In this case, is not obliged to refund expenses that exceed the standard delivery method. When returning the goods through the Omniva and Smartpost postal machines or the Eesti Post post office, the goods are delivered by Karamelli Töökoda OÜ within a week from the day of the return.

- The return code of the parcel when returning or exchanging goods can be used only once. Since the consumer has the right to return or exchange the goods within 10 days after the purchase, the consumer has the right to use the provided return code for the parcel once. If the client used the return code of the parcel already and wants to return another product the next day, then this is done at the client’s expense and the amount is not compensated by Karamelli Töökoda OÜ.

8. Personal data

- By entering data, the buyer gives the right to collect and process his personal data (name and surname, contact phone number, parcel delivery address and / or home address, email address) and transfer personal data to the logistics partner for delivery.

- has the right to use the address of the Consumer to send him advertising or other information.

- The consumer may prohibit the collection and use of their personal data at any time, except when necessary for the requirements of the contract or the delivery of goods.

- The use of electronic personal data for direct distribution occurs only if the Consumer has given his consent.

9. Claims Procedure

- is liable for the discrepancy of the goods sold to the terms of the contract for defects in these goods if they are discovered within two weeks from the moment the goods are transferred to the Consumer.

- The consumer has the right when detecting defects, to contact in no later than two weeks, submitting the invoice, on the basis of which the goods were paid.

- and the Consumer agree the return or replacement of the defective goods within each other. The costs of eliminating defects or replacing goods are borne by

- is not responsible for defects caused by the Consumer’s fault resulting from improper storage or misuse of the goods.

- If the goods do not conform to the requirements or if defects are found, please send a claim to the email address, which includes the customer's first and last name, a contact phone number, order number and an exact description of the non-compliance or defect.

- The claim for the discovery of non-compliance of the goods with the requirements or its defect must be submitted within two weeks from the moment of their detection.

- All claims will be processed, and the buyer will be contacted as soon as possible, but no later than within 10 days of receipt of the claim.

-  The consumer has the right to demand from price reduction or termination of the contract and refund for the goods if cannot replace the goods.